Sunday, 1 July 2012

Preview of Guillotine! Hot Blood, Cold Heart

I posted earlier about my new series of short stories about a character called Guillotine! Here's a preview of the first story to give a flavour. The full story will be published on the 11th July.

Jill Teague was sweating, not from fear but from the oppressive heat in the cabin. There were men outside, at least three by her count, and if they found her they would want her dead. That would have been enough to make most people sweat but Jill wasn't most people. The heat though, that was something else, it penetrated her bones, felt like it was cooking her from the inside like a microwave. Worst of all it sapped her strength and her will. She knew she had to fight to survive, both for herself and the women she was trying to save.
Jill took a sip from the canteen she carried in her pack. The water was hot and tasteless with none of the refreshment she craved but she knew she must keep hydrating herself. She was tempted to splash it over her face in an attempt to cool herself down but she knew she couldn't spare it.
Jill was pushing herself hard to save the lives of a group of women who didn't even know they were in danger yet. In her previous life Jill had been a surgeon. She had saved countless souls, working tirelessly in the operating theatre to repair the damage done by disease and violence and misfortune. She had touched every one of those people, her healing hands mending their broken bodies. The women she was trying to save now she had seen only in photographs. She knew she might never see them, whether she succeeded in her mission or not, but she would work just as determinedly to save them. Her methods would be different though. As a doctor she had saved her patients using the medical arts. Now she used that same knowledge of human anatomy to rescue the innocent by killing their oppressors.
"First do no harm," was the oath she had sworn as a doctor but it hadn't stopped her cutting out and destroying the malignant tumours that threatened her patients. Now she used her finely honed medical skills and surgical steel to cut the cancer from society. The murderers, the rapists, the scum that hurt and terrified her fellow women.

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