Monday, 12 November 2012

A Cat Called Hope will return...

It's no secret that 'A Cat Called Hope' was written as a joke. An experiment in a different style of writing and an attempt to get away from the "nasty" stories I'd written until that point. On completing it I blogged about my feelings about the story here. That post pretty much sums things up apart from one thing, what happened next.
What happened was lots of people bought the story. Now lots is a relative term, I'm not talking E.L. James numbers here but since publication the cat story has consistently sold more than all my other stories put together. All 10 of them. I guess there are a lot of cat people out there.
I've been thinking for a while about writing a sequel, partly because of the success of the first story and partly because (as with most of my favourite characters) I'm quite fond of Marx - he's fun to write.
So, A Cat Called Hope will return, pen is being put to paper even now....

Here's the start:

Marx lived with the women and the girl for a while. Long enough for him to get used to it, this new way of being. Their names were stuck in his head and hadn’t changed. The older woman was still Walking because that’s what she did, constantly moving, doing, fussing. When he’d lived with her and Sleeping he’d thought that energy came from her need to care for the other woman. Now that Sleeping was gone the energy was still there and Marx realised it was just who she was.
Little One was as she had been since she’d found him cold and lost. She was kind and excited and sometimes Marx wished she’d leave him alone. Most of the time he didn’t mind though.
Little One’s mother, who Marx called simply The Woman, somehow managed to look after all of them without bustling like Walking did. She was always calm, sometimes a little sad, and made him feel safe.
So he lived with them, the three females, and enjoyed it. Then one day things changed. Marx found himself sitting at the window staring out of it at the grass and the birds. He remembered what that greenness tasted like and what it felt like under his paws and he realised that something out there was calling to him.
That was the start of it.

If you haven't read the first story and want to you can grab a copy here:
Amazon UK
Amazon US

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