Monday, 27 February 2012

The difficult second novel - what's coming next?

So, after 20+ years of trying I've completed and published my first novel, Sunliner (you've read it right? If not go to the homepage and click on one of the links top right then come back when you've finished it). I'm still doing a lot of work publicising it but I am of course also itching to write again.
Fairly on in the writing of Sunliner I had the idea for a prequel and a sequel to the book. The concept for the prequel was that it would explore the experiences of Rachel (the lead female character, but you knew that right?) in occupied Paris during the Second World War.
I started writing this soon after finishing Sunliner but didn't get beyond a few hundred words? Why? I was concerned that the period I was writing about was a very sensitive one and as much as I wanted to tell the story I didn't have the patience to do the research required. I'm certainly not giving up on the story, it still wants to be told, by I am putting it to one side for now. After my success writing Sunliner I'm keen to write something else as quickly as I can and that means keeping the research required to a minimum.
And so I've picked another tale for my next book, it's a contemporary horror novel set in Brighton called Eat. I'm keeping the plot under wraps for now but it's going to be a more extreme tale than Sunliner, a tribute to the horror novels I lapped up as a teenager in the 80s.
Keep your eyes peeled for a preview of the first chapter coming very soon.


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