Monday, 27 February 2012

The joy of being read

I've enjoyed writing for years and still remember the first story I wrote as a ten year old. It was called 'Robots Rule OK' and was about an intrepid space traveller who crash lands on a planet ruled by robots. It was homework and my teacher, the lovely Miss Haste, called it out in class as the best that had been handed in. The fact that I had a massive crush on her made that moment all the sweeter.
I've continued writing since then, with very little success, until this year when I completed my novel Sunliner. This is I think only the second thing I've ever finished. The first being a dark fairy story I wrote when I was sixteen or seventeen and which was heavily influenced by Angela Carter. That story was read and enjoyed by a couple of my friends just as 'Robots Rule OK' had been by Miss Haste and I remember enjoying their feedback. In fact I think I actually watched them reading it.
It wasn't until I wrote and published Sunliner though that I remembered just how wonderful an experience it is to have someone read and enjoy something you've created. My readership is still very small but every time I get a comment from someone about the book it puts a big smile on my face.
So if you've read Sunliner and let me know what you think of it thank you.
If you've read it and not let me know what you think of it then please do. And if you haven't then what the hell are you doing reading this. Go read the book dammit.



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