Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Story a Week project - Update 3

'Guillotine! Detroit Double Cross' was published yesterday. It's the fifth story I've published since starting the Story a Week thing. I actually finished it about two and a half weeks ago but there seemed to be a lot of interest in 'A Cat Called Hope' so that story rather than the second of the Guillotine! tales ended up going out last week.
That interest has carried on. 'A Cat Called Hope' was downloaded far more times than anything else I've done on the day it was free. Since then it has sold steadily and has already sold more copies than any of my other shorts. I guess I have mixed feelings about this. The story was written as an experiment and in reaction to people who wanted me to do something "nice". I'm pleased with the end result but it is very (well, fairly) different from most of my work. Still, the success of it has made
me think about doing a sequel.
This week, for the first time, I'm in the uncomfortable position of not having a story ready for next Wednesday. I have three or four things in various stages of completion but nothing near ready. I also have a stinking cold which is slowing me down. I'm 90% sure that next week's story will be one called 'I know where the bodies are buried', I just need to get the damn thing finished. On which I'll say goodbye and go and get on with it. :)

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