Monday, 20 August 2012

The Story a Week project - Update 5 (final?)

The attentive amongst you will gave noticed that there wasn't a story of the week last week. I have a few things at various stages of development but nothing anywhere near ready for publication.
This project was always going to be a bit of a stretch and I'm pleased to have got as far as I have. The intention, as well as challenging myself, was to get as many stories out there as possible (and in a variety of different styles). I've managed that and my recent giveaway on Amazon (all my books free for a day) was extremely successful both in terms of people picking up freebies (over 1300 downloads) and in driving subsequent sales.
So, I'm not left with the question of whether to try and continue the project or just call it a day. One of the things the giveaway flagged up to me was that novels are much more popular than short stories - about 40% of the downloads that day were for my novel Sunliner.
I certainly have more short stories I want to tell but I've also started working up a Guillotine! novel and my intention now is going to be to try and balance the two. I'd like to get the novel finished this year whilst also getting a few more short stories out.
That said I'm very fickle and may go back to just writing shorts. :-)

Watch this space.

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